Let The Vote Count 2020




So the voting is done, and now they are counting. We are all awaiting the results with bated breath. On both sides of this election, people have poured their hearts out, made their voices heard, and spoken with their pocketbooks. Now the tallying is being done, the race is tight, and tempers on both sides are rising. What is a concerned voter to do?

Wait. And help others to wait.

Unfortunately, unless you are already involved in the counting process and have some official duty in that regard, there is nothing productive to be gained by demonstrating, rioting, or intimidating. The vote is already in. Hopefully you voted, that is your power as a United States Citizen. Your choices will be noted. Give the people counting the time and space to do it right. Everyone’s vote should count.

Consider going out and getting some exercise. Turn off the TV, or watch a movie. Talk with friends about something else. All any of us can do at this point is wait, and we may as well not be all stressed about it. The world will keep turning whatever happens.

After the count is done, you can be sure there will be legal challenges by the losing side. That is as it should be. Again, unless you are a lawyer for one side or the other, there is nothing for you to do other than support your candidate with money for legal fees if they need it.

There is a temptation when things don’t go your way to become angry or frightened and lash out. Almost always that is a mistake. The person you hurt is most likely not deserving of it.

I encourage everyone to be a calming influence on their community now, whether you voted for Donald Trump or Joe Biden. No one needs to go to jail, no one needs to get hurt.

Some of us will end up being happy with the results, some will be unhappy. That’s how it works in a democracy. Lets get through this together, and move forward together, whatever the outcome. Agreed?



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