About Free Nation

Free Nation is a blog about the United States of America, what it is, and what it could be.

Because I am the son of an Army officer, who grew up in North Dakota at a time when children practiced going into bomb shelters in preparation for a feared Russian nuclear attack, my identification with the United States and its ideals was, and remains, strong.

What has changed over the years however, is my perception of how well we are living up to those ideals.

The words Freedom, Democracy, and Justice, describe for me some of the core values  of the United States as I know it and wish it to be. While America remains iconic to much of the rest of the world, we must strive to do better. Indeed the struggle to balance these three ideals can never stop, because the world is dynamic and changing, and a government that cannot adapt enforces injustice, which leads to revolt, and eventually ruin.

This blog is about noticing imbalances, and suggesting ways to address them. Recognizing wrongs is a first step, correcting them is another. For that the country needs your help. The Land of the Free needs its brave to stand.